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Activities in Amsterdam - 7

1986, December 6: last appearance in Amsterdam (Bruckner V)

Eugen Jochum in 1986 in Amsterdam

Jochum conducted and recorded in Ottobeuren with the Concertgebouw Orchestra a legendary Bruckner V. Through a coincidence, it proved also to be the last work in which he conducted in December 1986 the Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra. It was a moving performance, with an energy one would maybe not expect of a 84 year old man.

The recording was made by the Dutch Broadcasting Company and released by Tahra in 1997. The issued recording is not the actual "Very Last Performance", however. On December 6, 1986 the last episode of the Eugen Jochum-history in the Concertgebouw was passed with an identical performance. Maestro Jochum repeated the 4th part of the Symphony (!) because he was very pleased with both the performance and the greeting responses from the audience. That, his very last performance in Amsterdam was not recorded. Well, history should be just that, history.

Eugen Jochum was connected with the Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra by a bond of mutual respect, existing for many, many years. The Orchestra knew to value this great conductor for both his qualities as a musician and as a human being.

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