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Activities in Amsterdam - 8

After 1987: Remembering Jochum in Amsterdam

The presenting of the portrait of Eugen Jochum in Amsterdam

All visitors of the Amsterdam Concertgebouw are remembered at the great tradition of building and Orchestra during all breaks. The coffee - rooms are literally crowded with, albeith carefully selected, portraits of musicians which at one time triumphed in the "Grote Zaal". Among the portraits are those of Willem Mengelberg, Richard Strauß, Arnold Schönberg, Gustav Mahler, Bruno Walter, Pierre Monteux, Kyrill Kondrashin and many others.

A few years after the death of Eugen Jochum, a very sympathetic portrait of him was put on a prominent place on one of the walls of the "Dirigenten Foyer" (Coffee - Room with portraits of the great Conductors). The photograph above records the offering of the painting in Amsterdam on February 16, 1989. The painting is made by Hans Bayens.

This picture bears witness to the last act in the cooperation of the Concertgebouw Orchestra and the conductor Eugen Jochum. Is is also a proof of the importance of the influence which Eugen Jochum wielded on this orchestra and the Amsterdam audience during his long years of appearances in Amsterdam. The Concertgebouw Orchestra and Amsterdam really lost a long - time friend.

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