Max Reger: his works, his life and times

An example of Reger's calligraphic handwriting

1. Piano playing with care and love

2. Organ playing with all concentration

3. Max Reger: just writing down the music

4. The Welte-recordings: an appreciation

5. One of the most famous conductors of his time

6. Reger: the man

7. Max Reger's last day

8. Recommended works and recordings

9. Max Reger's death and what followed

10. Reger: Web-links and some literature

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  • 30-12-2007: Chapter 7: new photo's added (Interior of Hotel Hentschel)
  • 10-12-2007: Chapter 7: new photo added (Interior of Restaurant Hannes!), textual additions
  • 21-11-2007: Chapter 9: new photo's added (courtesy of Mr. Alberth Pöllath, Weiden)
  • 18-11-2007: Chapter 9: text to parts 1 and 2 added, new photo
  • 17-11-2007: Chapter 2: new photo's added (Berlin, Beuthen/Bytom)
  • 14-10-2007: New Chapter 9
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